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On July 18, 2000, cVideo was issued United States Patent #US6091777 for "Continuously adaptive digital video compression system and method for web streamer". Applied for in May of 1998, the method describes capturing an analog video frame and digitizing the image into a preferred source input format for compression using a combination of unique lossy and lossless digital compression techniques including sub-band coding, wavelet transforms, motion detection, run length coding, and variable length coding. The system includes encoder and decoder (CODEC) sections for compression and decompression of images to provide high compression with good to excellent video quality.

We have leveraged our patented CODEC with networking capabilities and feature rich applications to create the cVideo Marathon product line. Focused on creating solution-oriented technology, cVideo products record, transmit, and enable viewing of video across local and wide area networks. Our solutions are scalable and customizable, with enterprise-level options.

NIST Article #1 on Compression Algorithm
NIST Article #2 on Compression Algorithm
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